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AMPECO and DEFA join forces to fulfill AFIR requirements in EV Charging

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AMPECO and DEFA join forces to fulfill AFIR requirements in EV Charging

Leading hardware and software EV charging providers announce a strategic partnership to help CPOs and eMSPs adhere to the complex European regulations

On the first day of the Nordic EV Summit, one of the most important e-mobility events in Europe, DEFA, the leading Nordic provider of EV charging hardware solutions for homes, housing cooperatives, businesses, and public parking, is joining forces with AMPECO, a global leader in EV charging management software. This collaboration brings together DEFA’s award-winning AC charger, known for its advanced OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO15118 compliance, and AMPECO’s top-tier Charge Point Management System (CPMS), prioritizing efficiency, secure transactions, enhanced user experience, and compliance with AFIR regulations.

Full compliance with AFIR effective from April 2024

Central to this collaboration is the shared commitment to fully adhere to the new requirements of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), a cornerstone policy aimed at enhancing the EV charging infrastructure across the European Union.

Advanced payment solutions

The collaboration between DEFA and AMPECO brings forth a transparent and secure payment method that leverages dynamic QR codes on DEFA’s charging stations. DEFA Power is equipped with sophisticated display that enable secure payments via dynamic QR codes, ensuring compliance and fostering a more interconnected and efficient EV charging network.

Complementing this, AMPECO’s payment terminal integrations support the necessary ad hoc payments stipulated by AFIR, further streamlining financial transactions and providing EV owners with effortless access to EV charging services.

Enhanced User Experience and Communication

The advanced displays on DEFA chargers enhance user interaction and act as gateways to an engaging and informative communication channel between Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and EV owners, offering real-time information, personalized messages and promotional content. Through these displays, CPOs can communicate directly with customers, allowing them to present AMPECO’s comprehensive pricing options, including price per kWh, per minute, connection fees, time of use tariffs, and more, thereby accommodating different charging scenarios and preferences.

Anders Granquist, EVP at DEFA, shares:

“By joining forces with AMPECO, DEFA Power is not just setting a new benchmark for EV charging technology; we are shaping the future of sustainable transportation in Europe. Our collaboration is built on a shared vision of innovation, excellence, and a commitment to the EV community. Together, we are driving towards a greener, more connected world. Importantly, our adherence to display and AFIR compliance is removing one of the biggest barriers in the EV industry – creating a secure and easy payment process for users.”

Orlin Radev, CEO at AMPECO, emphasized the strategic foresight:

“In this partnership, our focus is clear: to ensure CPOs can scale confidently, armed with the assurance of full compliance and the most advanced technology available, paving the way for a future where innovation and regulation go hand in hand.”

The partnership between DEFA and AMPECO marks a commitment to innovation, regulatory compliance, and the advancement of the EV charging infrastructure, shaping a future where technology and sustainability converge seamlessly. Together, they are establishing new benchmarks in the industry, redefining what it means to power the future of transportation.



DEFA is a family-owned Norwegian technology company established in 1946, with employees in seven countries on three continents. For more than 75 years, we have evolved from a local family business to an international charging company, driven by the search for new connections between technology and people.

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Anders Granquist

Anders Granquist

Executive Vice President DEFA Group +47 92 40 25 85

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